Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Equal Access Question 2/2/11

Is it the responsibility of the teacher to provide equal access to the digital world to all learners?

My personal belief is that teachers have the responsibility, in this day of technology, to expose students to as much of the digital world and technology as possible.  However, with that said I feel that the teachers are only responsible for providing equal access to technology that they use in the classroom.  This means that if a teacher assigns a Webquest as a project, he/she needs to provide equal access for all learners to a computer and the internet for enough time to complete the project.  Another aspect of this includes at home projects that require technology.  If a teacher assigns a project to do at home using technology, then they need to provide access to that technology at school for those students who do not have access at home.

I think one way to accomplish giving all leaners equal access is for teacher to integration technology that they and their students have access to.  If teachers have certain technology available to them, then I think they should integrate and expose students to it, but if certain technology is not available for regular use then why integrate it just for the sake of integrating it. 

Overall, I think that part of being a 21st century teacher is integrating and exposing students to the digital world, but only to the best of their ability with the technology they have available to them.


  1. Yes, I agree with you, we need the technology but let's make sure what we are using is going to be part of a bigger picture.

  2. I like your point about taking projects home! The teacher needs to make sure that all children have the access to technology to complete the project. For some students they may not have the access at home and therefore the teacher needs to come up with a back up plan.

  3. I really enjoyed your point of view on this topic. I agree with you very much. It is difficult for teachers to get students involved when the technology is not readily available.