Saturday, March 19, 2011

Final Blog (3/19/11)

How has your opinion changed (or why has it stayed the same) over the past 11 weeks regarding technology integration?

I have always felt strongly about the importance of technology integration in the classroom.  The concept of being able to integrate technology has always been a part of my teaching experience and I have always seen it as important.  However, if you had asked me 11 weeks ago if technology integration was realistic and feasible in an average classroom, I would have said “not really”.  After taking this course, I still feel that technology integration is important and my opinions on how I feel about actually integrating technology into a classroom have changed for the better.
Over the past 11 weeks, my opinions on how realistic and doable integrating technology into the classroom actually is have greatly changed for the better.  I have realized that integrating technology into the classroom is not an impossible feat.  I now see how technology can be very accessible and manageable.  I also see that a classroom and school does not have to have all of the latest and greatest technology tools in order to still include technology in the classroom.  Integrating technology into the classroom does not have to be a daunting task and although it may take time, it is very possible.    
As I mentioned before, I have always thought that integrating technology is important, but before I would have said that it was important because it is fun and engaging for students.  While this is still true, I also see now how important integrating technology is in order to prepare students for the world we live in.  I now view technology in the classroom as more than just something “fun” to do.  I see it now as having a true, practical purpose for students and as being able to build and enforce lifelong skills that these students will need in a digital world.
Finally, this course has made me rethink what it actually means to integrate technology into the classroom.  Giving students access to any piece of technology that is available is great, but when a teacher can truly integrate technology into the classroom on a daily basis, they can provide students with more meaningful lessons that allow them to access more than just the teacher and the textbook.
Overall, I feel that my opinions have changed for the better and I am a lot more confident with the technology tools and programs that are available for classrooms and students.  I think that being able to integrate technology into my future classroom will make me a better teacher and will provide my students with new opportunities. 

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